Download the wallpaper!
It's FREE!

Download the file that fits your monitor's resolution:

1024x768 resolution
1024 x 768 (230K)

800x600 resolution
800 x 600 (229K)

640x480 resolution
640 x 480 (181K)


The file is a self-extracting WinZip executable.

Once you download it, double click it and it will unzip
and put the picture in your C:\Windows directory.

To select the new CLF wallpaper, go to START/Settings/Control Panel
and double-click the Display icon. Click the Background tab, and you
can scroll through the list and find the CLF wallpaper. Select it and make
sure "center" is selected, click "Apply" and "OK".

*These instructions written for Windows 95/98. Windows 2000 and NT may differ.*

Not sure of your monitor's resolution?

Go to START/Settings/Control Panel, and
double-click the Display icon.

Click the Settings tab and see what the
screen area is set to.

For best results, view in high color 16 bit and above.

You may notice that the background of the text under your program
icons on your desktop is different then the background itself.

Here's how to make it the same color blue as in the background:


Double-click the DISPLAY icon

Click on the APPEARANCE tab

Under ITEM, make sure DESKTOP is selected

Click the COLOR drop-down menu and choose OTHER

On the right side of the COLOR menu, you'll see values for Red, Green, and Blue.

Type in 86 for Red, 122 for Green, and 172 for Blue.

Click ADD TO CUSTOM COLORS, then click OK

When you get back to the DISPLAY PROPERTIES dialog box, make sure you click APPLY, and OK.