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Many years ago we were camping & fishing in late Oct. at Crab Orchard Lake in S Il. As the beach was closed for the year and the area surrounding the beach was rip rapped with boulders, all of the fishing / boating campers were beaching their boats on the sand beach. There was an area surrounding the beach of thick weeds about 30 yards wide between the clear, shallow beach area and the deeper water in the lake. If you tried to motor slowly through the weeds they would tangle in your prop and you would have to stop and clean of the weeds three or four times before you made it past the weeds to clear water on the beach. What everyone was doing was running on plane right up to the weeds and then killing the motor and flipping or trimming up the motor and coasting / gliding through the weeds till you reached the clear water at the beach. It was the middle of the day and most of us were at our camps having lunch when we all heard a power boat running at the beach and a girl screaming her lungs off. The girl was in a bathing suit sitting in front of the wind shield on the front deck of the boat. It seems that as the young man who was driving the boat went to cut back the power and glide in to the beach, the throttle broke at near full power. With the boat running wide open straight at the beach, the young man panicked. Instead of turning the boat back out toward the open lake or just turning off the ignition, as the boat cleared the weeds just thirty or so yards from the beach, he bailed over the side leaving the young lady helpless and clueless on the deck of the boat. Fortunately the boat steered fairly straight and hit the beach between several other beached boats. When the boat hit the beach, the girl bounced off the boat and landed in the sand unhurt. When the boat hit the sand it launched itself about three feet in the air, cleared the beach and landed in several small saplings at the edge of the beach which bowed gently, almost setting the boat on the ground, the motor still screaming wide open. As the young man came wading ashore, one of the many campers who were rushing to the scene, reached in and turned off the motor, at which point the girl friend let loose with a torrent of curses at the red faced boyfriend. No one was injured; the boat only had a few scratches. We laid down several logs / trees and about 15 of us from the campground heave / hoved the boat back across the beach and into the water. The young man fixed whatever had caused the throttle to stick wide open and left that afternoon. He and his girlfriend just weren’t getting along. I used to have a picture of that boat sitting in the trees, doubt that I can find it now.
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