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Fin & Feather I have to agree with you. I think its kind of cool to be able to tell my son about the stuff that we did and how the weather was and all that stuff. My dad started taking me to canada about 25 years ago and they have a journal that has to be 35 years old. Every year they would record who went and the adventures that followed for the week. I still laugh my azz off when I read that journal. If anything it leaves memories for our families to read when we decide to get old, cant hunt any more or when we croak. If guys didnt have journals then half our history could just be made up. Everyone has an opinion on what brand of this or the way to do that. I guess all us union workers should remove our union stickers because thats probably gay also. Guess I dont really get the point of taking a shot at ya.

On a side bar - Mother - were you guys down near Marston ? I have hunted flooded rice down their a couple of times and it was a blast. Wish we had something like that in our backyard.
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