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Originally Posted by hookthis
indeed, smallies on the LF go back 20 years for me. But I'll post a pic of my spot, I'm not shy:

seriously, just about any wall or harbor has them. As I have stated before, when I was a bike messenger in the early 90s, I'd slaughter them at lunchtime all around Navy Pier and Monroe Harbor.

One time in summer of 92, I was fishing that narrow slip of water between Navy Pier and the waste plant, and pulled up a smallie about 14". I was using little black spiders below an Adjust-a-Bubble, they were Halloween props with a hook pushed through them. They fell really slow, which worked great. A tourist getting off a bus asked me in a thick southern accent, "Hey, there's fish in there?"

I said, "No sir. World's 5th largest freshwater lake, 900 trillion gallons of water, and not a fish in it."
Back in the days when I was a bank maggot, I fished for smallies from Belmont to Mcormick place almost every day. We used to kill the largemouth at Monroe. The water on the north side of the pier the Columbia is docked on used to be part of the river and loaded with 2-4lb largemouth and crappies in the 12-14" range. If you didn't mind the rats and drug addicts, it was a nice place to fish. We used to dive off the lighthouse and go swimming at the south tip of the inner breakwall. I even had sex...with a girl! ... after the Taste one night, while the wealthy socialites watched my bare arse as they floated by in their million dollar yachts. It was also the best seat in the house to watch the planes practice before the air and water show...Memories...
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