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Rip -

I have tried fly fishing, using "dibbling" wet fly technique targeting perch at Montrose on a clear-water day with 2mph wind (extremely rare) on a weekday at 6am several weeks ago. Got zero perch - crayfish pattern, shrimp pattern - but did get an aggressive goby. Perch hitting moving targets want something bigger, except in winter under the ice. Last fall I got a 2.5" goby to attack a 5" glo Cleo spoon when casting for salmon.

At Burnham you may have luck for rock bass, smallies, casting parallel to the wall and weed line where there is structure and depths are 5' - 7'. You can usually find space that puts 100' to 200' between you and the next angler.

You can fly fish the Chicago River between Lake Shore Drive and Columbus bridges on the southern shoreline. The LMB and SMB are too deep for flies, but big bluegill and some big crappie suspend at 3'-5' down within 5 feet fo the wall. You can do some decent casting, but it is all parallel to the wall. With a 9' rod and your stripping tailing at your feet, it isn't much trouble to back cast along the river without the danger of nailing a jogger or a tree.

Right now at Montrose, there are large schools of fingerling trout 6"-8" and the will hit a fly at the surface or two feet down. There is enough room to cast, but you have to go when the perch fisherman are well spread out. Weekdays 9 am to 11 am are your best bet, but winds will mess you up if you are just beginning.
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