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Just a little view of what it looks like when the Eskimo Mobility Unit is up and running.

This is Redfeather, the fishing buddy everyone needs. I'd rent him out but he would keep the money to spend on archery stuff. The crappie is one I caught cause mine are just cuter and bigger, of course.

Was going to post this over on the meat forum but we don't have one. Most of these never were in a bucket so wouldn't qualify anyway.

I know Oz on CLF like to use a foot ruler but Red only has a 25 foot tape cause we catch big 'uns. Wait till the derby I'll post up some more pix if this works.

Been feeling bad about not having a fancy schmancy homemade handy handle slippery slush slinging chip chucking zippy whippy dipper. No more. Well at least till comes apart... thanks for looking.

Photo Gallery from: ChicagolandFishing.com