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Fishing Knots Fish Identifications
Detailed color pictures to assist you in Identifing fish species. These images will load slowly on a dial up connection. Stream and Lake Maps
An assortment of Maps for Illinois Wisconsin
Forest Preserve Lakes

Cook Dupage Lake
Arrowhead Bass Lake Acorn Pond
Axehead Blackwell - Pending Arrowhead Lake
Beck Catfish Pond Banana Lake
Belleau Cloverdale Pond Beaver Lake
Bell Deep Slough Cricket Creek Bluff Lake
Big Bend Deep Quarry Buffalo Creek Reservoir
Bode East Branch Channel Lake
Bullfrog Green Lake Dugdale Lake
Busse Grove Lake Fox Lake
Cermak Quarry Herrick Lake Grass Lake
Flatfoot Hidden Lake Halfday Pond
Green Lower Lake Catherine
Horsetail Mallard Lake Marie
Ida Mud Lake Nippersink
Joes Pond Muskrat Pond Old School Lake
Maple Pickeral Lake Petite
Midlothian Poss Pistakee
Papoose River Bend Round Meadow
Powderhorn Rush Lake Rubber Duck
Saganashkee Slough Silver Lake Sterling Lake
Sag Quarry East Song Bird Taylor Lake
Sag Quarry West Spring Creek Reservoir Wright Woods Pond
Shiller Pond Stonewort Pond --
Skokie Lagoons Sunfish Pond --
Tampier Timber Lake --
Turtle Upper Lake --
Wampum - Pending West Branch --
-- West Lagoon --
-- White Pine --