cost analysis/indiana steel

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Posted by jrocko from on July 28, 2001 at 22:16:27:

downside: 2 broken flyrods(another one today), 1 lost cell phone, ripped jeans and leaky waders, mosquito bites, ripped flesh from thorns, tripping over unseen logs and badger holes, stabbing pain where i almost had a new assh*le poked into me by rusty rebar, angry watch dog, worrying about getting run over by motocross racers, snags of all kinds everywhere a fly could possibly touch...
upsides: cheaper gas in indiana, and where else could you fish for steelhead in relatively clear water alone(though they seemed alfully tight-lipped today)...i had one on for a bit- he jumped so much i couldn't tell if he was fair hooked though and ,of course, i didn't land him...

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