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Posted by Tom C from on September 19, 2001 at 20:27:53:

In Reply to: Smallie Numbers posted by Ken G on September 19, 2001 at 14:15:16:

Last year, during warm water, I would catch an average of five most evenings fishing in St Charles. This year, three is an outstanding outing.
In Canada, I can catch ten in a couple of hours lake fishing. I think the long rod can be very effective if used properly. A river like the Fox makes it difficult because it's very hard to get the fly down next to structure. When I take guests out, I use my spinner unless they request fly casting lessons. I also find fly fishpersons (jeeeezzzzzz) about the most stubborn critters on the face of this earth. Your friend is going to write an article on fly fishing and he won't listen to advice about a new or different technique. Some fool reads that and then goes out a duplicates his non productive technique and quits fly fishing in frustration. Remember the two guys fly fishing at Indian Trail Road last spring during one of your fishing classes? They were making false cast after false cast, not because they were poor casters but their line was in the moving water and it took four or five casts to get it in the air. Show them a stripping basket and they look at you like you just grew a second nose. Tell them to go out and buy a sink tip line and they end up with a Teeny 500 grain beast that is like throwing a brick and they can't do it so again they give up in frustration and go back to tossing rapalas or dry flies. There are times when dry flies work beautifully but they are few and far between on this river. On a lake, using a floating line at dusk, magic. There is a place near Wilmington on the 3K that you can cast to rising fish at dusk and it's wonderful. But day in and day out, a woolly bugger or some such fished on or near the bottom is the only way to go. Go ahead, ask me about something I'm interested in sometime!

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