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Posted by Jim F from on October 25, 2001 at 13:57:22:

In Reply to: Not feasible...Resp. posted by Bear on October 25, 2001 at 13:03:48:

I understand your intentions, but I have some disagreements.

>In Spring have the Flies C&R season first as our neighbors in Wisconsin do with both bass C&R and Trout Files only C&R. Then turn the meat fishermen loose afterwards if
you are worried about a fish going uneaten. (BTW we have had some reports of Rainbows caught in August at Silver Lake, DuPage Co.)

*Wisconsin does not have a fly only early season. They have an early season that includes artificials, barbless hooks only.
Comparing Wisconsin to Illinois is apples and oranges. Many of the streams in Wisconsin haven't been stocked at all in 20+ years, and a good portion of them are stocked for diversity (putting a few rainbows in to compliment the wild brown fishery). It's alot easier to sell a C&R portion of the year on a wild self sustaining trout population. Or to put very strict harvesting limits (Cat 5).

>In Fall the survival issue is not a problem till the following May. A pre cathc and kill C&R season would work fine there. The point is we would not have to drive 3-8 hours for
>some decent fishing. Time for fly fishermen to show some muscle with their County FPDs, I say. DuPage County already encourages C&R on these fish.

*But survival is an issue. Whether it's 6 weeks in the spring or 6 months in the fall, the point is those fish are not going to survive to old age, and even more importantly aren't going to spawn. As far as 3-8 hour drive, I have some outstanding trout fishing under 2 hours from where I live. Easy day trip for me, of course depending on where you live (South) it could be 3 hours or more. I would also argue that there is nothing that can be done to make the fishing experience in Illinois lakes match anything close to the spring creek fishing in Visconsin.

> Real problems do exist:

> 1. The fanatical religious belief that the trout are put there so that meat fishermen can stock their freezers twice a year.

I can't speak for the DNR, but I can't imagine any other reason to stock trout into waters where they can not survive more than 6 months.

> 2. A limit of 5 per day which should be 2-3 in a metropolitan area like this, the same as the 1-3 Bass limits that most FPs have for their lakes. Take some; leave some.

*I totally agree, especially in the fall.

>3. The enforcement may be hard. BooHoo. That is why rangers are paid more than fast food workers. Flies only, catch and release is simple. A ticket if you use anything but
flies. A ticket if you keep any fish.

*I don't undertand why fly fishers should be treated special. I don't know of any place that forbids the use of fly rods, I can't agree with a fly only regulation anywhere.

> In short, if WI can do, it we can do it. Don't underestimate the power of the fly.

*As far as a fly only (except one small portion of Castle Rock), Wisconsin does not do that. Even so, I think your talking apples and oranges when comparing Illinois to Wisconsin trout.

I would like to see the Illinois DNR spend some time and money looking into restoration of Racoon Creek near Rockford. Water flows cold all year, it at one time held wild brookies, and it is labled a trout stream in the Wisconsin book (it flows over the border). I know there was some studys being done on it this year, unfortanately every time they needed volunteers I was tied up.

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