Busse 12/1 &; 12/2

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Posted by Darren B from on December 02, 2001 at 18:33:37:

Got out to Busse for a few hours yesterday and today, hoping that the colder weather has sparked the walleyes. Water levels are up slightly, clarity is stained but not real muddy. Current and wind all around the lake and not much fishing pressure either days. As of yesterday I saw a couple of boats out on the lake so I assume the ramps were open Wda. I didn't see any boats today and didn't drive past the ramps.

No luck at all yesterday fishing a windblown deepwater rocky mainlake point, or a shallow deadweed flat nearby. Threw everything at 'em, and not a bite. I left early at 4:00 though,and may have missed the sunset bite.
Stopped off at the main dam earlier today(when all else fails, try the dam right?)and caught a 12 inch walleye right away on a blue/white baby thunderstick. No other bites so I went off to fish around the sandy deadweed flat on the mainlake from yesterday, hoping the fish would come up on the flat looking for food at sundown. Only 1 fish but it was a nice thick 20 inch walleye, caught while slowly retrieving and pausing the blue/white thunderstick at the edge of the flat near the dropoff. The thing was pretty husky and looked like it's been gorging itself, getting ready for winter. The fish was caught at 4:35 after the sun had set and the sky was orange, so unfortunatlely had to high tail it outta there or I'd get locked in. Hopefully it's a sign of good fishing to come.

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