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Default Lake Sara Tournament Results

Well after finding the fish prefishing i thought i had them locked in, boy were we wrong . The tournament started at 7:00 and by 10:00 we had boated 15 bass but nothing would keep . but finailly i told my Dad that we need to try my other area which was on the north side of the lake where a creek channel comes close to bank and to top that off on one side theirs a little creek that comes in to the lake and on the other side theirs a spawing flat. The water temp their was 49.1 and the water was a 1/2 foot down the water had came up since pre-fishing, any way i was throwing a blue swim jig and on my third cast in to the mud line which the creek made, WHACK i landed a 2 1/2 pounder and then my old man made a cast with a white spinner bait and Whack another keeper, and then i made a cast on to the edge of the spawing flat, with a X- rap suspending blue stick bait and WhACK another 14 incher was in the live well, This took place at 11:30. After that we only caught shorties for the rest of the day. At the Weigh-in heads were being turned. One team brought in a 6 bass stringer that weigh-in at 17 1/2 pounds and then another team brought in a 16 pound stringer. and then another team landed big bass which was their only bass but it weighed 7 1/2 pounds he was my dads buddy ( Denny Backet). My dad and I weigh_ In 5. 14 pounds for the first day and we were in 17th place. Also their was 9 limits of 6 bass weighed in the first day. and out of 43 boat i think their was a total of 65 bass weigh_in . Well Day Two was a lot different The wheather was terriable and the tournament director told us the he was make us weigh-in at 11:00 because of the wheather. But He did say that their was no OFF limits for Sunday. My dad and i couldn't believe are ears. So we went to the main marina where no one has fished for the first day and WHERE EVERYONE released their fish from the first day. Well the Rain came like and the wind blew, many people got of the lake and went home, but not us we went under someones dock and waited for the rain to stop. and as soon as it did we we to the cove and fished a boat dock in the back of the marina and one my probally tenth cast i landed a 2pounder my dad cauht two more keepers that easly made the 14 inch mark. and then i realized we only had three bites and they all kept . Any way to some this story up I ended up in 14 th place with 9pounds 2 ounces. they paided out to the top 8. 8th place was 10pounds 12 0unces and 1st place was 24 pounds the dude that had 16 pounds the first day won it and the team who had 17 pounds the first day took secound with 22 pounds. All in all it was a fun tournament and i learned alot. Cant wait to fish it again in June .
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