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From the US Fish & Wildlife Fact Sheet on Asian Carp

"Gill rakers are long, comblike and close-set allowing the
species to strain plankton organisms from the water for
food. The bighead carp utilizes open water areas,
moving about in the euphotic (surface) zones of
large lowland rivers, consuming large quantities of
bluegreen algae, zooplankton, and aquatic insect
larvae and adults. Because of itís feeding habits,
the species is a direct competitor with the native
paddlefish, bigmouth buffalo, and gizzard shad; as
well as with all larval and juvenile fishes and native

Entirely possible to catch them on a hook as they are omnivores. I have never had the misfortune of catching or seeing one in the upper pool, but I know they are out there. Like all other fish, seems the nubers are much higher downstream.
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