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Originally Posted by Blobingob
... any one got any advice to why they think im missing im shooting a browning barracuda ...
I know there are people that like the Barracuda but I got mine brand new and I've never been able to tune it to shoot bowfishing arrows consistently. They fly all over the place. Have you tried shooting it at a target at 10-15 yards, and does it hit consistently? I bet it doesn't (mine sure doesn't). And if it won't group consistently at 10 yards it's sure not going to perform well in the field where you have to get a quick shot off at a moving fish.

Oniedas on the other hand are easy to tune and just naturally seem to shoot bowfishing arrows like darts with very little tuning required. The Barracuda is way too short a bow to be a good fingers shooter.

Other than the Osprey the best of the Oneidas for bowfishing are the old H250s with 40% letoff. You should be able to get an H250 in good shape for half the cost of a new Barracuda.

The great thing about the Oneidas is the lever action of the outboard limbs which draws the limb tips way back to decrease the angle of the string at the nocking point. In addition the Oneidas are considerably longer than the Barracuda.
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