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Bill P
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A rifled barrel or a smooth bore with a rifled choke tube is to be used with sabot slugs only. With a smooth bore use rifled slugs not sabots because the sabots have nothing to give them spin without rifling grooves. Rifled slugs in a rifled bore will also have you chasing the wind for accuracy due to that the rifling pitch of the bore and the rifling ribs on the slug do not match up but rather skip across each other.
Anyone who takes an unsighted gun hunting is begging for trouble and is at best irresponsible if not criminally dangerous. Don' t do it.
My slug gun (20ga single shot) consistantly does sub 4" goups at 100yds with iron sights. But that is that gun with a specific brand of slug, with those sights, with my eyes, with me shooting it. Your results will almost certainly be differant.
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