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Does anyone remember several yeasrs back about the hispanic family that was out there and someone died trying to rescue relatives? It was on all news stations. Since then a night fishing ban is in effect. We used to bring beer there too, which hasn't been allowed either for at least 10 years. Even the area facing down stream on the left side below RT 53 bridge has no more public access. I've also heard of tickets being given to anglers on the right side facing downstream almost through RT 55. This all is off limits except by boat. The Des Plain F&W area (Near Lake Millkin and Prarie Creek) has also been closed for years. Illinois River anglers will also be wise to kniw that Illini Park up from Marseilles dam is also closed to boating, fishing and picnicing. Before people offer advice as to where they suggest fishing at, know the local laws. Many parks are closing, what next Starved Rock too? Many parks have been closed for years. I recall fishing Apple River Canyon State Park. Now it's a frickin' codominium resort and is all private. Remember all of Chicag's free parking and fishing areas. Now, either they are closed (Due to terrorist stuff) we can't fish on the Rainbow Beach Breakwater, because they think someone will monkey with Chicago's water supply. The only free Lake Michigan shoreline access I know of is Calumet Beach area. I've never felt safe in that neck of the woods. Good thing we still have forest preserves. Oh, are they clsoing due to years of garbage that has never picked up for decades? IE: Walk 3 or four blocks west at Saganashkee, from the spillway. You can still find "steel" beer cans that have been there from the 1960's if they haven't rusted and became bottom sedimentary heavy metals in the bottom of the slough.

I don't wish to argue but this information is simply not true. I've been fishing this area ever since I was a Wilmington police officer,
And this summer on three occasions was checked by CPO and in fact have one of there cell phone # in case I see bucketheads. But never have they chased out LEGAL fishermen. Same with Wilmington P.D. and the Park as long as you our respectfull and law abidding.
I will agree the BLAGO is not good for Illinois and sportsmen, but that where numbers count. forums like this and others to band together and let all the politicians ( from mayors on up) that represent you, know what's important and that you vote United we are a voice, divide we are a noise.
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