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I'm too poor to cough up $15 10 8.40%
I'd rather have someone else pay for the sites cost 18 15.13%
I don't know how to do it 4 3.36%
I'm going to subscribe after my Benz is detailed 4 3.36%
I have no good excuse and will do something about it! 12 10.08%
I'm a Subscriber and proud of it! 71 59.66%
Voters: 119. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 03-16-2008, 06:37 PM   #11 (permalink)
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You're $15 goes to the upkeep of this website. I'm no expert, but apparently websites like this cost a decent amount of money to run. Something about bandwidth? And somewhere there's a server in a room in an office that has all the CLF stuff on it... That costs money too. I know alot of the ads on here are given to the Moderators for free as an appreciation for what they do. And I've seen the advertisement rates... They aren't very expensive. Everything I hear is that all the ad money and subscriber money just goes to keep this sight running.

Or maybe thats how Ed bought his new Bentley and mansion, along with his private fishing resorts in Florida, Montana, Minnesota and Canada. $15 goes a long way!
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Thanks for the explanation. I know there's a fee for storing data (bandwidth) and a hosting fee...but I estimate that to be around $50 a month. I'd like to think that sponsors would take care of that, i mean, that's why they're called sponsors...
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and I just paypaled Ed 15 bux... I love this site and I don't see harm in paying far less than what I would for a magazine subscription... but I'd still like an explanation or breakdown on where my money went.

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I don't mean to speak for Ed or any of the Mods on this site, but I am of the belief that nothing is free. I'd agree that the costs to establish, maintain and administer this site are probably nominal. But, time is money. It's obvious that the administration of this site requires a lot of time from someone. The devotion to any cause or the conviction to see something through once it's started in this case merits a fee whether it's solicited or not. I do not need to see a spreadsheet on expenditures or wonder what's in it for me when comes to something within the scope of CLF. JMO

It's better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.
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Originally Posted by mplant1
Hey Everyone -

I don't mind contributing...I must admit, I am relatively new to this site, and I may be considered a "lurker"
Nope, Lurkers are people who don't even register yet reap much of the informational benefits of this site. You have registered, posted and now, Subscribed. Welcome Aboard.

As far as where the money goes, Hithard pretty much bagged it. It's not an unreasonable question to ask nowadays with money ending up in places one would never expect. On the other hand, I look at it as whether I'm getting my monies worth. After that, I don't care if someone is profiting. As a matter of fact, I prefer they were. Profit should not be a dirty word.

I hope CLF continues to grow and profits for Ed and the Mod's who work hard keeping this site one of the best fishing sites out there.

By the way, Newspapers/cable tv have Advertiser's and sponsors and people still pay for the paper and a monthly cable or satelite bill right??
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Member or Subscriber doesn't really matter to me. I enjoy hearing reports from both. There are a lot of non-subscribers who add a lot to this site. There are a lot of Subscribers who detract from it. I was on the site for two years before I ponied up the $15. Even met and went fishing with some of the guys. It's great to have the choice I think.

Besides, that's why we have a "Subscribers Forum"............we talk about all the non-subscribers
Fishing and Muscle Cars.........what else is there???
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Old 03-16-2008, 09:16 PM   #17 (permalink)
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Thanks JD. I think once Ed confirms my payment from paypal, I'll get that "CLF Member" removed from under my name, and I'll officially become a subscriber

And I agree - time is money. If someone is making money off of this site, good for them. My fee could be a small piece of appreciation for the time, effort, and responsibility of maintaining a one-of-a-kind site like this. I find myself on this site hours a day browsing through old posts and picking up all sorts of information - and that's plenty valuable itself
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Old 03-16-2008, 09:41 PM   #18 (permalink)
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Boy that didn't take long. Your listed as an official CLF Subscriber already.
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Default A bargain for 15 bucks

I am careful how I spend my money. I have been a subscriber for the last 9 years and I have to admit this is the best 15 bucks a year I spent. If we could get more people to subscribe, I am sure Ed would have raffles every month for fishing items. Would you non subscribers want to take over Ed's job or the moderators job to save 15 bucks? I doubt it. I am one happy guy that Ed started this site. I hope this site stays as good as it is now.
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I'll try to somewhat answer mplant1's question.
From any subscription made through Paypal 74 cents goes to them.
They won't let us use their website to transfer money to and from one another free.
I suppose they have some costs associated with running that website and probably have some people that spend some of their own time keeping it running.
A website like youtube is completely free, although the guys that started it sold it for oodles of money, and I don't think they cared if it remained free or not.

CLF does have costs to run a server.
While costs are not out of this world and the administrators keep watch to find the most reasonable and reliable way to keep the site up and running, the costs are more than the figure mplant1 mentioned.

Now, nobody has a gun to my head nor any of the moderators to do what we do.
However, we do each have a life like anyone else that visits CLF.
If there is something regarding the site that needs to be dealt with we take the time to do it.
For instance, we had a problem come up recently with the mail system.
If someone clicked on the help email link, their email was returned to them as undeliverable.
The same was true for other email links associated with Chicagolandfishing.com
When problems come up, either by us catching them or by someone bringing it to our attention, someone has to fix it.
If CLF is to continue we don't get to say we'll get to it a month from now.

I like fishing but to hopefully bring some fun to CLF I'll take the time (for instance) to spend time with Kevin Geary at the All Canada show.
I'll sit with him for the entire evening.
Sure, it's nice, but then again to not go to the show like everyone else so that we have a good relationship with him and get a couple free trips is worth it, I think.
Ok, we raffle off the trips to earn revenue for CLF.
If someone else wants to do it every year for everyone else's sake, let me know.

If someone else wants to put together the salmon derby and arrange for prizes, do the weigh-in (if fish are caught LOL) and so on, let me know.
The same goes for the ice fishing derby.
If prizes have to be bought (out of your own pocket) be prepared to do it.
Then hopefully enough raffle tickets are sold to repay you.

I suppose we could use CLF money for gas to get to these places or buy the prizes but if every penny of a subscription fee was already accounted for we wouldn't have that option.

Yes, the moderators can have a banner to show appreciation for what they do.
And yes, I do earn some money from CLF for the time I put into it.
I make no apologies for that.
I guarantee you it is nowhere near what just about everyone thinks though.

If there are those (and I'm sure there are many) that haven't read the history of CLF they can click on the logo at the top of the page and read our mission statement which includes a brief history.
On our subscription information page...
... it says...
If you feel like you want to subscribe to the site we think it is important that you should ask yourself what value the site has brought to you personally.

This year ( May 5th) we will celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the website's existance.
As the site grows someone has had to watch over things so that we're not left dead in the water and have to close down.

Shortly after CLF came into being someone posted that if I was doing this for free I must be a few beers short of a six pack.
Well, no, I'm not doing it for free but then again I'm not getting rich either.

Hopefully CLF will continue for everyone after I'm gone, I'm sure people will continue to fish in the Chicagoland area.
In order for that to happen running CLF will have to be something someone sees as a worthwhile venture, however, it will also have to be someone that sees it as a way to return to the sport (I forget the outcome of that thread, can we call it a sport )
Without that feeling someone will look at CLF and see the traffic and what they can do with that traffic.
We try to listen to what the anglers want and adjust the website accordingly.

To that end we'll keep going on.
We haven't made subscriptions mandatory.
I'm happy about that because let's face it, there are those that can't afford it.
Then again I've seen posts from people telling about how they just spent $300 at BPS but don't support a website that gave them the opportunity to make that post or get suggestions on what they should buy.
After all is said and done, more is said than done.
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