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Originally Posted by big saw
Welcome to the site ! Glad to have you. Now to the really important stuff. Will I be able to buy my "Magic Carpet Shampoo", my "Willie Wonka Super Chocolate Maker", and my "Infinite Stickum Glue" that turns to rock after you open it one time. Or will I be at a sports show like I remember all the way back to when the show was at the stockyards ? It would be nice to go to a place where you can still bargain, and look at fishing and hunting gear that one can use instead of the aisles of junk like it's been at Rosemont for years. And really welcome to the site !
I hear you... gone is the junk and the flea market look-- gotta tell you many exhibitors have been burned so bad it's tough regaining trust. but with your help, good karma, a great board of advisors that the show has, I know we'll do it.
America's Outdoor Show
January 26 - 30, 2011
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The best showes were in the mid 1980s all out doors no crap good guest speakers (Al linder,Babe,and so on) lots of outfitters,tackle shops,and Manufactures. I volunteer for the N.R.A. every year so I have been to every Rosemount show for twenty years the last ten I work my time and leave nothing to hold my interest. So I guess we will see if there is a better show this year. And please no Bear acts. Jeff
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Thanks for the quick response. That in itself says that you are determined to make the show a success. As far as anything innovative that would be helpful the only thing I can think of is "Direct Dealers". I seem to remember Eagle Claw, Phlueger, and others used to have reps at the show. Maybe introducing some lure manufacturers, Rapala, Luckycraft, Storm and others would create a more competative environment for the the rest of the show. Having them there might make the guys that buy a billion lures to peddle (ala flee market style) a little better to deal with. Who better to explain why to buy a specific lure than the manufacturer of that lure ? And obviously this gives the manufacturer more exposure. Hope this helps.
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Good question big saw.
I found out quickly in speaking with Jim that he is honestly interested in what WE want for a show.
I know he has been selling booths so maybe he has to tell the shampoo guy that he can't have his booth now.

Really though, he kept asking me and that's when I suggested he just ask on the site.
Let's give him our ideas!
Let's let him know why anglers feel the show has gone downhill.
Jim is really interested in knowing!

I explained about parking costs around the convention center and how after that, gas, and entry fee that people feel they should save money on something over just going to their local store.

big saw you sort of said it, wading through junk to find a deal got old.

Jim also said he would like to do something for CLF, any ideas?
Let's also help him come up with the "wow factor"
I think as you guys get to know him you will realize he is serious about changing the fishing show thing we're used to around.
After all is said and done, more is said than done.
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Welcome to the site.. We won't hold it against you that you are from Boston. They brought us Tea, Lanterns, and Nomar. We gave you Billy Buckner in return. We also let the Celtics win last year. This is probably the easiest way for us to understand you in not showing the accent.
My inquirey would be this. In past years the show has gone steadily down hill. To bring it back up to speed would be great. The garbage booths had no business being there.
Are you going to have anything Hunting orientated?
I used to Demo there in the past with my dogs in a ring to show folks what hunting dogs could and would do in mock hunting set up. Will anything like this be there again or just scaled down to more nuts and bolts. We had a few dog breed clubs that would support this endeavor.
The jumping dogs are neat, but it's just an act not really directed towards hunting othere than showing a lab or cheasy having a good vertical jump.
You feed back would be appreciated. If you could scale back the parking fees that would be great too.
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I would love to go. Is there a place to get a loan to pay for parking.
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I have gone every year since the late 70's or early 80's(not always sober back then)... The show went from 4 halls and 2 floors to 1 hall filled with crap... I bought a boat at the show, most of my rods and reels, and half my tackle... That's what I remember about the "good ol days"... Walking out with bags of literature and "stuff"... I miss the small vendors... Jacks Jigs out of Milwaukee, Ratman lures out of Michigan who made the bobbers that swam backwards and the ugliest lures in the world... Who doesn't have one of those, or the brass knot tyer thing that no one can figure out... Got one of those too!!! Manufacturer tables everywhere that were staffed by fishing pros like Al, Babe, Jimmy Houston, Gapen and others... Standing in the aisles, answering questions... One of my most memorable shows was a half hour conversation with Spence Petros about fishing in the Columbus Park lagoon... That alone brought me back for years just to see him and reminisce.. I don't even mind the crap peddlers... The Shammy's and the Ginsu's, the purple eyeglass cleaner and the Flitz guy... I bought that stuff too, but then the show denegrated into just them and a couple of non-negotiable vendors... "I can't give you a deal, our costs are too high"... Bullcrap.........
What seems to have really caught on is the local high schools venues... They are more like flea markets and raffle ticket sellers, but at least it's local... Like you said, Chicago is a different place... Big city or not, we're still Midwesterners and our values reflect that........
Use as much space as you can afford, and make the layout logical... Boats here... Resorts over there... fishing sales and mfg. reps in the middle... Kids pond, giant fish tank and dog shows way the f*** over there>>>>
See you in January..........
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As a Muskies Inc board member and pro staff to several companies, I have worked many shows. What I see now from shows, verses the days of my youth (back in the 80's) is quite simple:

Deals and excitement!

Like some have said, try to make booth prices on a sliding scale to encourage smaller garage type vendors. Some great baits and equipment come from small operators and they have disappeared because they can't pay booth prices like Sportsman's Warehouse can. A big part of the excitement was being able to find stuff not available in our area. I want to find a deal that I can't get 365 days of the year on the internet. No one wants to pay big $$ for entry and parking to look at and buy the same stuff we can see and get at Dick's at the same prices. Make sure that there are real show discounts available. I'm not saying you bully every retailer, but they should have SOMETHING that we can't normally get, at a price we don't normally pay.

Make sure there are alot of specialty retailers and events. Casting contests, workshops, beef jerky, all of that and more are the ingreadiants to a great show.

Good luck!
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Went 2x, in 2000 and 2001. realized wasn't getting my $$$ worth after that.

Things that impressed: BIG bass tank,I believe it was actually mounted on a semi-trailer, with pro's displaying new tackle and accessories how it's supposed to work, etc.
I walked out of the one in 2000 with line cutters to strap on every one of my rods.
Ended up kinda hating 'em, but it was v. well done at the show...

And I recall the actual manufacturer's booths, like G. Loomis for an example, with knowledgable staff that were there solely to talk to you, the consumer.


The rest of the shows were the same flea market tackle booths that we see at every fishing-show-as-high-school-fundraiser that you're competing against.
- P.
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