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Great show and definitely heading in the right direction, thanks Jim again for all your hard work.
It was nice to finally meet you as well, after all the times we talked on the phone, and email exchanges we had!!
I enjoyed spending time with you in/by our booth, and I know we will be talking again shortly.

The manufactures will come back, as like with this show (has been in desperation for years) Rome was not
built in a day, but this show will continue to get better, and better, and bigger like it used to be. With Jim's
hard work, passion, and all the other factors contributing... New advisory board, director and numerous other things,
our show, the Chicago show is already on the right track back to greatness !!

I was in the Grandt Rods booth all day Saturday, and all day Sunday. Some things I noticed:
Lot's and lot's of families, which was great to see again. A great turn out, and almost a different turn out
from the last 15 years personally of working this show. Everyone had GREAT things to say, even though
it was much smaller then years past. This is both from a vendor perspective, and attendee. Every vendor I talked with
was very please with the direction the show is in, and heading. Now, I would day there is at least 6-8 vendors I see
all around the country working these shows, and everyone had good things to say. Even some of them that I approached
that I did not know, had good / positive things to say.... I would say that out of the hundreds of people I talked to that
walked into our booth, only a select few said that they were looking for certain things, and that they were not here......
You will never please everyone all the time but, I know Jim Sugarman did a excellent job of attempting to do just that !!
What he did do was please the true Fisherman, Outdoorsman, Hunters and all around Sportsman, as there was something for
everyone there. This show, our show will only continue to get better and bigger, and will bust out again very soon to something special !!!
One last time, thanks Jim for taking on, proving, and coming through on your word to make this what it is, and what it will be.
I could say allot more about the show but, everyone has done a great job already so for now I will leave it be.

My personal disappointment was................................. Being in the Grandt Rods booth all day Saturday & Sunday by far the busiest days,
NOT ONE CLF member came in and introduced them self, or said hello! Maybe you all went during the week or maybe I just
was wearing the wrong color tie ???? LMFAO
Anyway, I guess there is always next year to meet some of you.

Tight lines,

WORK.... Busting my wallnuts for peanuts !!
(more like peanut shells)

Fish your wallnuts off.................
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