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Thanks guys

Local, the jig I posted comes with a trailer. They only last so many fish, so I was replacing them with 4'' Chompers grubs. Everything I read and was told was to reel the bait like a spinnerbait. Typically I keep the bait about 3-6 inches under the surface, but that can be dependent on weeds. Over heavier slop I would wake the bait higher which produced fish as well. I went out last night to a pond and it was slow right up until dark and they really started whacking it. Last night they did want a faster retrieve. I think how one reels in a spinnerbait is subjective anyways, so I look at the swim jig the same way. Overall though, faster seems a bit better. If I had to guess, I believe the bass think it is a gill going by and it elicts a quick predatory strike. The less time they have to react probably ups the odds of getting bit. I still have alot to learn with this but I go back to many fishing situations in the past and can envision certain places and times of the year when these baits would excel, so I am excited to keep experimenting with them.

Joe, Chatterbaits rule! The first thing I thought when fishing these are they are like a chatterbait w/o a blade. That is actually what killed my confidence at first. I am so used to feeling the vibration of the chatterbait blade that I did not have any confidence that swimming a "bladeless" chatterbait would interest fish.
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