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Default Can You Say Bag Limit???

Yesterday I went to the K3 State park with my father for a controlled pheasant hunt. Two birds per person hens or roosters.

My biggest intentions were spending time with the ol' man and watching my brittany run the birds. We started off at area 8 where only one other hunter was out at. He had no dog.

This story is more about the other hunter. We headed left, he headed right at 9am. Within a minute he had shot his first bird. As time went on,we heard another 4 shots from him. Must not be that good of a shot as I thought to myself. Not that I consider myself a great shot but considering 1 bird already in his bag....

Well we meet up on the north side of 8 where he has just shot another bird and is looking for him. I offer to let my dog help find him. As we are looking, He goes to hand my dad a hen and says take it. Right then and there a light clicked on in my head. I told him and my father no, we'll get our own birds today. Of course the guys says "no take it, I got plenty." So that's one bird in his hand, at least 2 in the pouch the pouch looked full, and 1 we were attempting to look for.

I then proceeded to tell him about the bag limit per person and what he was doing was considered illegal. Right then and there he dropped the hen stopped looking for his bird, and walked toward a tree line to ( I'm speculating) to get rid of extra birds. I told him I am calling the DNR which I did. Of course during shotgun deer season no answer. So we went to the truck to go back to the park office to report it Then here he comes trying to say he found the extra birds and make up other excuses as to why he had the birds.

I told him, sorry but were reporting you to the park office. So we did just that. As we were leaving the office, sure enough her he comes pulling up yelling out the window. We kept on driving as to not escalate anything.

When we got back to the park office to turn our birds I asked the lady how many birds did he turn in and she said two. She also said he was arguing with her about being able to have more birds and trying to justify it. Of course she couldn't enforce anything but hopefully this disregard of the bag limit will have him thinking, the next time he goes out there.

So did I do the right thing by reporting it or should I have kept my mouth shut? I kind of feel like a tattle tale (never really had to call the dnr before) but I think it was the right thing to do.
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