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To be honest I have never looked at a fish finder as helping me catch more fish. It has helped me become a smarter fisherman. I have always used my ff to get a really nice layout of the lake. holes/depth/temp/pipess) I then match theses items with my map I have drawn out of the lake and you then get a real good idea on where the fish are going to be.

I have three fish finders and they all are very similar. They give me the depth / temp / weeds or growth / fish. All of them have an audio alarm that sounds when a fish is found. However sometimes it floating weeds or something none fish like.

Most ff have some type of alarm and visual que when fish are seen. Most of the time big clumps are rocks/holes/uneven ground on the bottom. I have not seen your ff so its hard to tell what it uses.

I would leave the fish ID on and set the ff so that the alarm goes off as well. I do not know if you have a gps but if so when you find holes/special spots be sure to mark them with something on paper of gps. You ff may have some type of feature like that.

Good luck
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