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bear40doux 01-04-2009 08:49 AM

She keeps getting better...
I finally took my girl out for her Christmas present, a pheasant/quail hunt at the game farm. She impresses me more and more every time we get out there. We hunted some pine tree rows today, which made for some tough shooting situations and some good laughs. She found plenty of birds and we missed plenty more. We finished up with 8 quail (3 of which she chased down and caught on her own) and 4 pheasant.
She hunted real hard for about 3 hours straight. The temp was about 30 and she was feeling good. There was a real nice wind that helped her a lot. Her nose is starting to get pretty long. The one thing I did notice today is that she is starting to hold a point before some of her flushes and then on some, like the last double, she just bolts in after them. It gets pretty fun to watch.
There were 3 quail that flushed and we missed due to the tree rows and she chased them down over 50 yards away and snatched them up right as they landed and brought them back. I was pretty impressed. She really likes those big ol' pheasants though. When she spots one of those big ones she goes into a whole different gear.
The best story of the day was our round up run. We went through the whole field and were getting ready to call it a day. She was pretty tired and starting to slow down, so we went through the fence line again and back through some grassy areas at the top of a hill on our way back to the lodge. She nabs a crippled hen pheasant (we lost it earlier) on the run. We keep walking the fence line and she starts tracking a bird for about a minute up and down the fence line through some downed branches and tall grass..finally she puts it up and none of us are in position at this point. It flies about 30 yds away she flushes it again into a corn field...we shoot..it lands and starts running about 60yds away...she is right on it and brings it back still kicking. We are pretty excited now heading back..its been a good day and we are having some good laughs. Out of no where she bolts 10 yards in front of us and dives into this little bush and out come 2 quail. One goes left and the other right. She takes off after the left and brings it back. The one on the right landed down hill and about 70yds out. Two of my buddies take her down and she finds it no problem. What a great way to finish the day!
Enjoy the pics...
this is one stubborn quail. She brought it back alive..it was clipped in the wing...I rung it's neck before going in my vest..thought it was dead...it was still alive when we got in the lodge and counted everything up...rung it up again...drove home (bout an 90min drive)...opened the bag and there it is...still alive!! finally I just chooped the head off.
Here is the line up...

Captain Jim 01-04-2009 09:44 AM

Nice post Dan!

Glad to see Mya is working good for you! I am sure you are glad you put in the time with her and are seeing the reward! :)2

I am glad I was able to offer a small bit of help to get you started. You have come a long way with your dog, and like I told you a long time ago, "There is no substitute for keeping your dog on birds!" Nor are there words to describe the feeling of seeing the dog you trained, succeed in the field! Glad you are feeling it though! ;)

She will only get better with experience and I hope Mya is over her dizzy spells for good! :)2

Thanks for sharing! :-D

bear40doux 01-04-2009 10:08 AM

Jim, I couldn't agree with you more. It does feel real good to know all the hours we've spent training we're with me and not someone else and that there really is no substitute for real birds. I think my wife even understands that now...which is starting to make getting out to train and hunt a lot easier.
Unfortunately, the dizzy spells have turned out to be epilepsy. She is now on phenobarbital for the next 2-3 months. The vet said if she is clear of seizures for the next 2-3 months we can start weening her off it. If it persists then, I'm gonna try and switch foods to see if it might be a food allergy, b/c we have talked to our breeder (they have been at this for 15+ years) and they have been very helpful and said that none of their dogs have ever been diagnosed with epilepsy. So time will tell. The drugs made her a little mopey at first, but that was an adjustment period the vet said, b/c she has been normal the last few days...and as you can see it didn't effect her hunt yesterday at all. So we will pray for healing over the next few months and see what happens.
I will say...your new pup has got my wife and I thinking about getting another one...we really like the all white & orange/lemon english pointers...it's gettin' itchy around here...see what you've started!! :lol:

Captain Jim 01-04-2009 11:02 AM

Sorry Dan, what can I say? :oops:

Puppies are beautiful aren't they? :-D

Just a word of caution, the pointers are a whole different game Dan. Much of what you might be doing with Mya, could be totally negative for a pointer. I am not saying you can't manage a pointer in the field with a flusher, but it takes good dogs and handlers to make it work so it isn't taking away from what you want for the pointer.

I have been spending some time in the field with Michigander and his English, and his dog has a heck of a nose. :o He will also wear you out with his pace! ;)

blufloyd 01-04-2009 12:02 PM

B4D, Is your water tested? Nitrate nitrite things can do that.

bear40doux 01-04-2009 02:06 PM

i have not
Blu, I have not had my water tested. I get city water...not a well...should I still have it tested? if so...where or who do i contact to get this done?

Jim, I was pretty busted up when we first got the news, but after seeing her adjust back to normal and continue to hunt and be happy...I think everything is gonna be ok. We will just have to wait and see how everything pans out over the next few months.
I have seen some of those pointer/flusher combo handlers work on TV and I'm sure it takes a lot of work. I don't know if it will happen b/c the wife has final say. I like those pointers though mainly b/c I really couldn't get another lab have to choose some day whether to take it or Mya to the blind. I don't think Mya would like that too much ;) .

Michigander 01-05-2009 09:53 AM

Jim is not joking about the English Pointers nose.
I have hunted over a lot of upland bird dogs over the years and I have to say that the English Pointer that I have has the best nose I have ever saw.

The key word there is saw. Cause I have to ask"Have you saw Rex lately.

That dog moves like a speeding bullet to the birds. He has a great nose and that gets him into trouble more often than not.

I have been working to break him of the LONG DISTANCE that he covers and I just can't get it thru his head that I cannot keep up with him.

This is what happens when we are in a big group with several dogs and hunters. His drive is fine, his range is too long though.

As soon as he has found a bird and that is done. (Killed and retrieved or just flushed.) He is off again like a bullet.

We will be attaching a line to his arse for the next few hunts to reintroduce the "Quartering Technique"

I am looking for another English as well. I want to breed Rex with a bitch near his line.
If you have a line on English Pointers that are ready to breed, let me know.


OBX Fisherman 01-05-2009 11:56 AM

There is a reason why I dont have an EP, I didn't want to buy a horse to keep up with it.


FishArt 01-05-2009 02:18 PM

Dan, I don't know if our Chocolate came from the same lines, but I belive she has some allergy issues. And, I'm almost certain it's grasses - at least that's what the vet thought and we put her on some benadryl. The rash went away after two weeks, but would come back if we took her off the benadryl. And, it totally went away (off the benadryl too) once there was snow on the ground. She started itching a few days ago with the warm spell we had and the grass exposed again.

FYI, our girl - Ruby came out of Rueben and Berry. I'm not complaining as she's a fantastic pooch, but just wanted to let you know about her health issues as it may help isolate your pooches problem if the dogs are related...

bear40doux 01-05-2009 02:43 PM

Man...getting an EP sounds funner and funner! Adding a lil range ( ;) ) might not hurt since Mya hunts real close, which is really nice by the way :-D .

I have not seen your boy, Rex hunt..but I have read all your posts about him and he sounds like he is pretty good dog. I haven't started looking at kennels yet...in fact my wife & I are also thinking of going to the Illinois Bird Dog Rescue for one, the only problem is that is we will miss the puppy stage Jim is enjoying right now. If you know any breeders though..I wouldn't mind the info to check them out.

How is Ruby doing? Have you been hunting with her at all yet this year? Mya came out of Rueben as well, but she had a different mama. The vet said that if she hasn't had any episodes in the next 2-3 months that we could start taking her off. Hopefully that happens...if it comes back I'm gonna start looking into allergies...starting with her food. She is on some good stuff now, but you never know. Thanks for the heads up about the allergies. I almost think it might have been stress.of us getting ready to leave her to go visit my family for vacation. We have always taken her with us and this is the first time she has been apart from us for more than a night. They say dogs can sense that stuff..so I don't know just a thought.

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