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grobered 06-30-2010 09:13 AM

Mazon River
Does anyone know where a good spot to acces the Mazon River for shore fishing? Thinking about going there soon but have never been and have no idea where to fish. I live in Chicago so I will travel to the best reccomendations. Thanks guys.


localyokal 06-30-2010 08:05 PM

Most of the Mazon river is private access. Although I do see people parked at various bridges, I don't know whether there is some public land, they have permission, or they are trespassing so I don't feel comfortable giving out those access spots. The Mazom River empties into the Illinois River in Morris. Cross the Il River on rt 47 heading south and turn east on Pine Bluff Rd - first traffic signal after you cross the river. At aproximately 2- 3 miles you will cross the Mazon river. Follow the river south and east, zig zagging your way om the country roads and knocking on some doors at access points might get you permission. There are some great fish in the river - cats, smallies, and rock bass. It is pretty high right now.

grobered 07-01-2010 12:09 PM

Thanks localyokel for the info. I don't want to tresspass and have a hard time finding any areas on the internet maps. I will try the Gazeteer and try knocking on doors. Good fishing to you.


Don S. 07-01-2010 03:16 PM

You can also access the river from shore through the North unit of Mazonia but
it's a long walk.

Mike48 07-01-2010 04:52 PM

like, localyokal said, it is and has been pretty high for a while. Last time I went there it was lower than it is currently and I had a hard time wading. I couldnt find many places to cross and even then it was up to my chest. I would wait a few weeks until the water comes down.

BassBuster2222 06-14-2011 03:27 PM

Re: Mazon River
the mazon river is virtually all private property and I doubt you'll get permission to fish. You have a right by state law to fish I think 12-15ft either side of the bridges. People do go down there and fish but there is some guy who feels it's his civic duty to protect the area and he drives around looking for parked cars to call the sheriff on. I fished the area for years when I had a friend who lived there. Most of the people are nice and don't bother you. In 2010 I caught and release a new state record 24" smallmouth bass. She was prespawn so a record didn't matter to me.
this river reminds me of one I camped and fished as a young boy in Oklahoma on an Indian reservation. There are nice size catfish and a few moster flatheads (very limited holding areas). There are 5-6ft needlenose gar and 20lb carp in there....but is the hassle of a tresspassing complaint worth fighting? Many people put a canoe in and float to Lorenzo bridge and get out. Again it might be illegal. There is case law to back up a claim of your right to access but with the way things are Judges currently rule how they want not necessarily on the law and it could cost a lot to prove.
As to the 4# rock bass....I seriously doubt it. MAYBE a striper up from the illinois but I doubt that even...a 4# would be 16"+. I have also caught spotted bass years ago and yellow perch. The spotted bass are from Indiana. Last year the river had a HUGE population of 2-3# drum.
I'm disabled and have nothing but time on my hands so I might float it again this year. I have the statutes to back up a right of access claim. I just don't know if its worth the effort. One could catch far more fish at Busse Lake if you're from Chicago.
Or better yet go to Wedron Ill and rent a canoe for around $40 have them drop you on their 4 or 8hr float and fish the Fox. There are far more fish in the Fox and if you REALLY fish the 8hr....you"ll be out there 2 days....hear what I'm saying? Most people don't spend any where near enough time fishing each area to really find out what's out there.
I also have pics of a 13.3lb largemouth bass caught at a Cook County Forest Preserve lake where at least 15-20 people fish constantly. I caught it in 2009 and didn't realize the Illinois record is 11 something. Im old and cranky so I'm not going to tell you how. But it is AMAZINGLY easy to catch 5+# largemouth and 4+# smallies all over cook/dupage county.
Another great float is from Freemans Canoe/bait in Yorkville to Silver Springs State Park....I guarantee you will float right over 1000's of smallies, a handful of Northern and at least 6 or so Huge Flatheads....and never know they are there.
Google canoe trips Illinois and find some outfitters on the KKK or Vermillion or other rivers. Take 3 plastic buckets from Home Depot with lids. After they drop you and the canoe fill buckets with rocks and water and put them in the front of the canoe to keep the nose down. Bring along a 2-3# anchor on 20ft of rope. That and your basic tackle/lunch/drink/ sunblock if getting burned bothers you and you can't ask for a better day. I have had peregrin falcons follow me down the river...red/silver/grey fox come out 20ft away not knowing I was there....HUGE buck walk right out to drink not seeing me...eagles fish the Fox from time to time. What more could you ask for?

BassBuster2222 06-14-2011 03:35 PM

Re: Mazon River
As an afterthought I lost not once but three times a flathead in the range of 48" on the Fox last year. The third time he turned over my 17' square back canoe. I also caught a 9 1/2lb RedHorse Sucker...and there are bigger in there. The state record is 6lbs something. I didn't register it because records don't really matter to me and two boys 16-17 hold the record...I have pictures to prove every claim I make. Except for the one that got away. Maybe this year.

Carlisle 06-16-2011 12:54 PM

Re: Mazon River
About three years ago, I almost bought a log cabin that was up for sale on the south side of the bridge that crosses the river on E IL-113. The realtor we were working with told us that bridge there was a popular place for canoes and kayaks to put in on the weekends, and that cars would often be lined up on the shoulder at the bridge. There was also a well worn path on the southeast side of the bridge that went down to the river. (there really wasn't any room for a shore fisherman the bank is high, and there is just a steep and narrow path that went down to the river surrounded by high grass.)

You might want to ask the current property owner if it's still ok to park on that shoulder. (If I'm remembering correctly, the Realtor also told us that it was ok to go down stream from that point, but the property owners upstream had a problem with people traveling up the other direction.) I do not know where the paddlers would take out.

On a side note: I recently paddled another creek in that general area, I think the key is to ask the property owner nearest to the put in point you plan to use beforehand, and if you gain permission to thank them, and let them know how long your car will be there. The last guy I spoke with told me I can park on the shoulder as long as I didn't leave any trash behind, and as a courtesy I also picked up all the trash I found along the side of street nearest to the access point that I was allowed to use.

1977transam 10-12-2014 10:04 PM

When I was a kid, say about 10 years old back 1976, we used wade that river near bookwalter woods. I was using a spinner and caught a 3lb small mouth. It was a huge fish for such a small river we all thought, so I let it go .Those were good time, like huckleberry fin and mark twain, no responsibility, then I grew up.

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