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Originally Posted by FishArt View Post
Dolphins off the cost of Florida hunt in a certain matter where they confuse fish by circling and digging their noses in the mud. This is a learned activity that must get passed down from generation to generation b/c they are the only known dolphins to hunt using this method. Maybw not a direct correlation to the question, but pretty darn cool nonetheless!
Similar story with Orcas. There's 1 pod of orcas which figured out how to hunt Great Whites, and they teach it to the young. They grab a fin of a shark that's small enough to bully (maybe a measly 11 feet, lol), and hold it upside-down until it dies. (Sharks have a thing where they are paralyzed when they are upside-down I guess) Then they rip it apart and eat its huge, fatty liver.
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