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Originally Posted by Ed View Post
It's more preference Marty.
Dave has back reeling down, period.
I've seen him have big fish take off in an instant right next to the boat, Dave just back :reels and never has to worry or even be the slightest bit concerned.
He just back reels and keeps control of the fish.

Personally I always watch in amazement that his knuckles don't get smacked by the handle!
Yeah, I know it's a preference Ed. But, I'll betcha fewer and fewer are using it these days and that's probably why they discontinued it. If you don't learn from somebody that back reels, statistically speaking you're probably going to stick with what you grew up on. I too use 6 pound test almost exclusively and of course I tend to set my drag a tad on the lighter side for that occasional 7+ pound walleye. I cannot imagine the coordination it takes to back reel quickly and also try to free-up a hand to land the fish and hoping it doesn't take another run. If I'm not mistaken your reel handle is going to fly backwards if your hand is not there (or I suppose you click over the back-reeling feature at this point?) Too much to think about for my little peanut shell - lol! Yes a preference much like driving a stick vs. an automatic trans. (But, the stick is slowly going away too - lol!) P.S. I love driving a stick so I understand the preference thing!
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