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With all due respect to Ed and any others, I disagree with the crankbait and inline spinner suggestions, especially for anglers new to fishing and the Fox River, which is loaded with rocks, downed timber, weeds, garbage, and more. Anything with an exposed hook (especially trebles) will get snagged/hung up continuously and you'll lose them which is both annoying and costly. This is something you never hear about from anglers, all you hear about is the times they catch something and how great they think this lure or that lure is. There is definitely a time and place for cranks and they absolutely catch fish, however, there's a specific way to fish them based on type, weight, swim depth, etc. and the right rod, reel, and line plays a big part in fishing cranks properly. In my opinion and based on my experience fishing the Fox from Elgin to the Chain for 15 years, you will have much more fun and catch more fish (SMB, LMB, and Walleye particularly) with weedless/snagless rigs such as Texas rigged soft plastic craws, worms, and creature baits "tex-posed" or skin-hooked which is just barely putting the hook point in to the bait's surface. Lots of info on T-rigging online. Get different weight bullet weights and experiment which work best. Tungsten bullet weights are simply awesome. Option 2 is weedless/snagless jigs, there's several kinds but primarily skirted swim jigs or football head jigs with a weed guard, tipped with a soft plastic, usually a craw, creature, chunk, or other similar bait. Practice using cranks and spinners in open or deeper water on lakes 1st, then try them in the river after you have confidence fishing them AND gain an understanding of river currents, depths, structure, etc. Lastly, fish the seams as Ed suggested - anywhere pools or slack water meets the current are key, anywhere something breaks the current. Cast upstream in to the current and bring the bait in to the slack water, cast downstream and let the current take the bait in to the slack water. Wading will allow you to fish more of the seam in one cast. Deep shorelines, shaded areas, etc. Fish the areas you know are holding fish!
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