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Default Kerry Picks Edwards

Very interesting. Kerry pointed out numerous times in the Primary debates that he questioned Edwards' "experience", stating to the effect that a "one term senator" may not have enough broad experience in the areas of foreign affairs, global economics, and managing our military, to run the country. That Edwards was little more than a southern trial lawyer with just a few yrs of Congressional experience under his belt.

Now Kerry has had a change of heart, and believes that Edwards is worthing of being just one missed beat of his own heart from running the very same country. I really thought Kerry would be bold enough to choose either Gelphart or Bayh. BTW- Evan Bayh is a very moderate democrat from Indiana, one that I would give serious consideration towards voting for in 2008/2012 elections for President, if the DNC could ever rid themselves of the Clintons.

Llet's hear our resident liberals give ANY endorsements for current/future Republican candidates.

Can't wait to hear Kerry defend his comments about Edwards as they are confirmed to be appearing in RNC advertisements in the coming weeks.
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