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Conversation Between ja-knee-sea and big saw
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  1. big saw
    08-20-2015 11:31 PM - permalink
    big saw
    Hi Johnny;

    I'm curious as to why I was outed from the site. I simply mentioned the bobber thing so that ron g would cease his negative responses. It seemed to work in the past whenever he starts his bs with me, which I might add is frequently. You never seem to question his sarcastic remarks to myself and others. Rather, his ignorant remarks go unchallenged all the time. The reason I said what I did was because I and others saw ron g using giant red and white bobbers at Petite lake years ago while ice fishing and he was a laughing stock. And, as I mentioned previously, that seems to be the only thing that stops him in his tracks when he tries to insult myself and others on the site. You can certainly go back and see that almost EVERY time I post anything it is usually followed by a smart ass remark by him.

    I hope that in the future you would watch for that and if you feel that he deserves some sort of special treatment.....well so be it.

  2. ja-knee-sea
    03-26-2014 07:34 AM - permalink
    Sionce hie response was so quick and precise, I'd say johnnybigbass is someone he knows or is posing under a different username...
  3. big saw
    03-25-2014 07:03 PM - permalink
    big saw
    Hi Johnny'

    Thought I would drop you a line. Check out under "active topics" the thread reading Independence Grove sucks. Look at Mplants immediate response. Here's a new guy Johnnybigbass with one post asking for some info and Mplant tells him he sucks ! Nice initiation to the site huh ? And we wonder why fewer and fewer post here. That's the reason. Get rid of that guy.

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