The Mission:

Our purpose is to provide Chicagoland Sportsmen with a gateway to information and entertainment in the tri-state area. We will continue to make a commitment to the development of and increase it’s membership, as we know that our foundation is built from our members and the information that they provide. We promote the free exchange of information and the ongoing education of all of our members. Our slogan, "Anglers with Ethics", is intended to cause each angler to think beyond just catching fish. We want to promote ethics in our persuit of this wonderful sport. Some examples of this are buying your license, following the regulations, cleaning up your trash as well the trash of others, being polite to other anglers, not trespassing, and the list goes on. While being the perfectly ethical angler may be a lofty goal, we feel it is a worthwhile persuit.

We encourage you to help us by making suggestions to the staff. Please pass any information that you think may be beneficial to your fellow sportsmen to us, so that it can be added to the member services section.

The History of actually used to be called the Fox River Fishing Report. It was started by Angler Ed (Ed Diem) back in 1997 as a hobby, and then grew into a forum for Fox River Valley area anglers to share information, techniques, and tips on fishing the Fox River for its numerous species.

Since it's inception in 1997, the Fox River Fishing Report quickly gained popularity among Chicago area sportsmen due to it's depth of information and modesty as a site for the "regular angler."

As the site's popularity continued to skyrocket, and due to the many requests from local area anglers, the site was expanded in May of 1998 to include information and forums on lakes and rivers throughout the Chicagoland area, a domain name was secured and the site's name was changed to

Since then the site has attracted thousands of visitors from the Chicagoland area, other states, and even other countries. Its "members" are comprised mostly of local area sportsmen who have a passion for fishing and hunting and want to share information to help others excel in their passion for these sports.

CLF encourages you to respect your state and local fishing regulations, respect other people's rights and property, and practice catch, photo, and release. We would also like each member to respect the fact that some members do like to keep fish for table fare.
Please respect those who choose to selectively harvest from our waters, while maitaining the high ethical standards expected by our sport.

In closing please remember that, as sportsmen we have a responsibility to our environment, whenever you’re in the outdoors “Leave No Trace" because, it's only on loan to us from our children.

Thank you for joining us at We hope you enjoy our playground..