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  1. General Outdoors Discussion
    In order from most thrown to least. 1. Spybait 2. Ned Rig/Wacky Rig 3. Runcl popping frog 4. Square Bill 5. Deep diving crank (20ft) 6. Shakey head 7. Spoons 8. Buzzbait 9. Spinner bait Number 1-5 are probably 90% of the time. What's your thrown list?
  2. General Outdoors Discussion
    Does anyone have any recommendations for good fishing spots in the cook county area? I know secret spots are a big part of fishing but maybe extend the olive branch this once ;)
  3. Dupage
    Hi all, Just moved from Canada where I used to be able to hike into some fairly solitary areas with my dog and do some fishing. I'm wondering if there are any areas where this is possible in Dupage County, I don't want anyone's secret spots I just enjoy the opportunity to get out with my dog...
  4. Out of State
    This is a really cool opportunity to escape the northern cold and fish with Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek on an unbelievable fishery. Special rates available for Bass University members. Hanna Robbins can also book you at other times and for longer trips. Serious bucket list material. Email...
  5. Fox River Fishing
    Hey guys! New to this forum! I'm no stranger fishing for nice LMB but I wanted to get in on the action for some SMB! I fished 7/1 downstream near the dam in Geneva, IL at "Old Mill Park" and had 2 Smallies miss. Other than that I got skunked. I fished 7/2 in the morning in similar areas and I...
  6. Northern Illinois Lakes & Ponds
    So I just moved from Arizona to Dupage county and want to get some fishing in. In AZ the decision of where to fish was easy... you just go to 1 the only body of water within an hour of you. Here theres like 100 lakes/ponds within 20 mins of my house... I dont even know where to start! I looked...
  7. General Outdoors Discussion Fishing in Chicago area is a challenge, when you succeed it's a biggest reward you can get.
  8. Largemouth Bass Fishing
    Thats my personal best. How much do you think it weighs. I would say its about 25 inches but i never took any measurements on it :( Also share your personal bests for the fun of it!!
  9. Northern Illinois Lakes & Ponds
    This is a fishing report for Blackwell forest preserve in Warrenville. I fished and sand pond and silver lake at Blackwell and caught two decent bass in about an 2 hours. I was at sand pond in Blackwell, I tried fishing with a variety of baits( I use a 6'6 medium heavy rod with a daiwa low...
1-10 of 11 Results