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  1. General Outdoors Discussion
    I've caught fish and had some success of many lures, worms, cranks, frogs and so on, but not a spinnerbait. I’m curious how you guys fish a spinnerbait. Any tips will help thanks.
  2. General Outdoors Discussion
    In order from most thrown to least. 1. Spybait 2. Ned Rig/Wacky Rig 3. Runcl popping frog 4. Square Bill 5. Deep diving crank (20ft) 6. Shakey head 7. Spoons 8. Buzzbait 9. Spinner bait Number 1-5 are probably 90% of the time. What's your thrown list?
  3. General Outdoors Discussion
    Fall has started and the water is getting colder. I was wondering that if they will just go deeper, or if they will mostly end up going out onto the river. Where are the places to stay at during the cold weather? Bank fishing btw
  4. General Outdoors Discussion
    Does anyone have any recommendations for good fishing spots in the cook county area? I know secret spots are a big part of fishing but maybe extend the olive branch this once ;)
  5. Fishing/Hunting Stories
    Whether you are an expert angler or a beginner fisher person this article is put together for the sole purpose of providing you with some pieces of advice and pointers on how to catch a crappie. Read along to not only gain some fishing tips but also some information on this particular fish
  6. Northern Illinois Lakes & Ponds
    So I just moved from Arizona to Dupage county and want to get some fishing in. In AZ the decision of where to fish was easy... you just go to 1 the only body of water within an hour of you. Here theres like 100 lakes/ponds within 20 mins of my house... I dont even know where to start! I looked...
  7. General Outdoors Discussion
    River users should know their rights Canoeists, kayakers, rafters, fishermen, and other river users should know their rights to use rivers in all fifty states, under federal law. Many lawyers and state government officials claim that public rights on rivers have to be decided by state...
  8. Trading Post & Classified Ads
    SOLD!!! Great Salmon Boat - Must Sell, Only $3,000 - Make an offer! SOLD!!!! 1986 21' foot Deep V, Cuddy Cabin. Hull made by Invader. Volvo Penta Aquamatic 280. 8 cylinder chevy 350, 260HP. Haven't used boat much over the past 6 years so time to let it go. Excellent on big water or river. Used...
  9. General Outdoors Discussion Fishing in Chicago area is a challenge, when you succeed it's a biggest reward you can get.
  10. General Outdoors Discussion
    I've been living in DeKalb and there isn't much places to fish locally. I have been to Lake Shabbona and I don't enjoy the long trip over there just for eight or nine fish. I have also been to the pond near General Electric in Sycamore, in which I caught bluegill and sunfish, and some other fish...
  11. Northern Illinois Lakes & Ponds
    Hi. New member here first post. This friday the Plainfield Fishing Resort will be hosting it's first "All Night Fishing" event of the season. All Night Fishing starts at 6:00 PM and ends at 6:00 AM. Prices are $20 for adults and $15 for children ages 7-15. Children ages 6 and under are FREE. No...
  12. Lake Michigan - Shore Fishing
    Hey, I was wondering if I can be pointed to information about what good beaches for surf fishing might be located north of downtown Chicago? Anything north of Montrose and Belmont would be especially helpful. Thanks!
  13. General Outdoors Discussion
    Hi, I’m planning on fishing at Waukegan Pier , il. Appreciate if someone could specify which fish species could be targeted there and when the best time to catch is (month, day/night , etc.) Thanks much -M
1-13 of 15 Results