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  1. Carp Fishing
    Hey all, I am new to carp fishing, been a bass and musky hunter for 20+ years, looking to tangle with a new species. I live in Wheaton and for now am looking for some nearby lakes, rivers, ponds, etc. to get the hang of my set up, different baits, etc. Anyone willing to drop a note, I would...
  2. Dupage
    Hi all, Just moved from Canada where I used to be able to hike into some fairly solitary areas with my dog and do some fishing. I'm wondering if there are any areas where this is possible in Dupage County, I don't want anyone's secret spots I just enjoy the opportunity to get out with my dog...
  3. Fox River Fishing
    Hey guys! New to this forum! I'm no stranger fishing for nice LMB but I wanted to get in on the action for some SMB! I fished 7/1 downstream near the dam in Geneva, IL at "Old Mill Park" and had 2 Smallies miss. Other than that I got skunked. I fished 7/2 in the morning in similar areas and I...
  4. General Outdoors Discussion
    River users should know their rights Canoeists, kayakers, rafters, fishermen, and other river users should know their rights to use rivers in all fifty states, under federal law. Many lawyers and state government officials claim that public rights on rivers have to be decided by state...
1-4 of 4 Results