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Gotfish and I thought we attend Henry's Coho Derby. The Derby started taking names at 5am. Gotfish loves geeting up early and our rods were in the water by 4:15. We started out by the pipe harborside. We both managed to land a steelhead. His being 5-6lbs, mine being 10-12 inches.
The horn blew and went to lakeside for the tournament. Over 70 guys and only two fish were caught in two hour. A brown on a deep diver crank (perch pattern) and a coho on a powerline (squid). Coho was really small.

Since we figured we caught as many fish as the tournament we went back to the harbor. Nothing after.

The key to the early morning fish was spawn from fall of 06. Gotfish got his on a slip about 8-9 feet down, and mine was caught on a bottom rig.

I think the water needs to rise a bit in temp before the action heats up. 95th is just starting. 31st should be heating up soon with powerlines.
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