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Hi, Intrepid fishermen;

I hope you all had a good summer and got to do the fishing you wanted. I had a great trip to Lac La Martre last July, and even though it's a long way away, I'm planning a return to the same lodge again next season, The first time I've ever "three-peated" to the same lake in consecutive years. They're already booked up for two-thirds of their weeks in 2014, but I do have 4 spaces reserved for a really prime fishing week: June 26 - July 2. That's their 3rd week and often offers the best fishing.

This year I went in mid-July and still caught plenty of fish, and managed to lose (!!!!X%#X) 3 over after a 15 minute fight and lots of long runs. And the last day I caught 80 fish on flies, about 250 for the week. I stopped casting to anything under 10#, or I would have caught 400 fish!. Even the 4-6 lb. fish made long runs and fought hard, often jumping. It was a ball. And the earlier week in 2014 should be even better. The great thing about Lac la Martre is the sight fishing. I've never seen so many huge fish, every day, in almost every bay. I had real shots at 30# fish, but just couldn't connect.

So, after that extended "pitch," I'm looking for a "few good men" (or women :) ) to join me in 2014. I've got to commit in the next few weeks at most, or my 4 spaces will probably be gone. The lodge cost is U$S3795, which includes the r.t. floatplane flight from Yellowknife, all meals and guides, and you'd need 1 night in Yellowknife (about $50, if you share a room at a nice B & B) on the way in, + your R.T. airfare to Yellowknife, via Calgary or Edmonton. Average tips for the week for all staff, including guides, are $400 for everyone.

You can contact me at: pikeflyguy (at) AOL (dot) com,

For anyone interested, please contact me ASAP, as the 4 spaces are being held under my name. A deposit of $1,000 will be required to hold your spot

George Bernstein
The Pike Fly Guy

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