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3-12 Rock Report

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Today was one of those spring fever days that I just had to get out. I told the boss I needed a 1/2 day off and hooked up the boat and was on my way to one of the area dams. My father met me at the launch at 1:30 and we fished until 4:45. It was a beautiful, warm day to be out on the water. The fishing wasn't bad either. I landed 31 walleye and missed many more. Unfortunately all the fish were small. We didn't get one over 10". I caught all my fish on 1/16oz jig and minnow. I had a 2nd pole out with dead bait for pike but had no takers. We must have been right on top of a school of the little guys. I had bites on about 1/2 of my casts. The water was high but relatively clear by rock standards. The fish are hitting but only the smaller ones have made it up to the dam. Next time I'll try farther down river and look for some big females staging for the spawning run.

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<font color="#000080">What was the water temp? I'm surprised you didn't have any pick-ups on the dead bait. Anyone else doing good? I'm glad you got out, I was thinking one of us should be out Tuesday when I went over the river on rt2, the weather was beautiful! My buddy was out again...wonder if he's saving any for us to catch?</font>
I though the dead bait would work too. My father and I caught pike there last spring. It sat there for 3 hours and not a tooth mark. I didn't take a water temp, just know the water was very cold. I'm guessing upper 30's maybe lower 40's.
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