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3/19 & 3/20 North Side

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On the 19th I was only able to squeeze in 45minutes around lunch. Not much to report saw no steelhead caught no crappie 3 little bluegills. Saw a guy tossing a crankbait and using a pretty quick jerk retrieve take 3 straight largemouth, kinda odd.

Today my lunch was a little more interesting. Only caught 3 nice crappie and two gills, had several hit on the glide but expell jig in split second. Saw a beautiful steelhead cruising shallow. It had a strange dark mark on head to just past the gill almost looked like a lamprey, don't know for sure. I will be trying for at least an hour after work hope to get on those crappies.
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<font face="Andy" size="7" color="#000080">Where were you fishing? Foster Or Howard</font>

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Neither. Just a non descript North Side harbor. Seriously just want to share timing & technique.
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