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Air temp...52 Wind...howling(as usual)
Started in Wilmington around a backwater. Threw Husky Jerks, spinnerbaits, even rigged up a Senko. No hits, no fish.

Shot over to the Mazon River (this time with medium roaches)
Same result.

Soaked a roach at Mazonia South (Monster)

Main Dam in Wilmington
Saw some buffalo and suckers caught...none for me. They are stacked up in the shallow chute just downstream of the dam. Some guy awhile back was wondering when the suckers start to run.....come and get them now.

Backwaters again......nuthin'.
(Note: CPO Ms.Petriekas was checking everyone. Nice to see that.)

Retention Pond near home...
You get the picture.....
Nice day to fish, bad day to catch.

"Remember....We ALL Live Downstream."
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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