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3 Rivers Championship Night/Day Shoot Wrap Up

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Another great BAI shoot is in the books! It didnt look promising Sat. afternooon though as high winds made the DesPlaines river churn with high waves and whitecaps. But just as the shoot got underway the wind dropped and the waves eased. But vis. was pretty bad after the high winds and rain from Friday, and the temps a bit cool.

Winners of the night event were.....
1st Place-Scott Kelly and Ed DeVries with 74lbs
2nd Place-Bob Paul, Chip Robb and Judd Hill with 70lbs
3rd Place-John Piest and Kirk B. With 68lbs

Big Fish award went to Tom Brooks!!!

And longest Gar went to new BAI member Tony...I got to find everyones last name!! Tony , Duane and Darryl are all new BAI members who were right on the 3rd place finishers heels with a couple pounds differance. Welcome to the club guys!!!

The day shooters arrived shortly before sunup and hit the water by boat and land. But right before dawn the winds changed and the fish vanished. Truely bad conditions as the wind again picked up and the sun clouded over. But these conditions really show a bowfishermans ability. And some fish were harvested.

Winners of the day event were.....
1st Place-Tom Willoughby and Bill Runchey
2nd Place-Ed Hoffman, Mike Brown and Brad Goetz
3rd Place-Nick and mark.....(I got to find the spelling of your last name Nick....sorry!)

Thanks go out to Scott Kelly (who won the retriever reel!!) for once again setting up the grill and cooking before and after the event. Also to everyone who brought out some food or drinks to the shoots. And thanks to BAI officials Bob Paul, Brad Goetz and Ed Hoffman for running the weigh in.....and to Tom Brooks for making the weigh in easy with his digital scale! I really enjoy these shoots, not for winning (which is rare for me!) or for the fish, but for getting togeather with a bunch of guys to shoot some fish and BS about it and everything else for a few hours before and after the shoot about it and everything thanks to all our great members who make these shoots so much fun!!!!!!

Here are a few pics........

Big fish award winner Tom Brooks and the best fish of the shoot....congrats Tom!!

Big gar award winner Tony.....Congrats Tony!!(BTW....I still have your award certificate....Ill get it to you this week,)

Day Shoot Winners Tom Willoughby and Bill Runchey.....Congrats guys!!

Night Shoot Winners Scott Kelly and myself.....Great shooting Scott!!

JPs big quillback.......

Troy and his dad Larry with Troys newly updated boat.....

Scott at the grill.....

Some Prizes.....Thanks to all the great sponsors of the BAI!!

Ive got more to post soon............
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Looks like a great time!
Nice time

It was GREAT to finally meet you all and get to know you a bit - my buddy and I couldn't shoot this one but definitely enjoyed meeting everyone - Ed you do a phenomenal job running the shoots - thanks for that and some great stickers for my boat! See you at the next one!

As always it was a great time and nice to meet the new members and see everyone else. After a miserable morning sleeping in, letting the boat trailer slip off the ramp, BLOWING UP MY BOW on the first fish I shot at it was a good time. Thanks to JP for bringing out the oneida because I did not have any of my back ups with me. Thanks to my partner tom for being the eyes for me because I could not see the fish without him. It was the worst conditions I have ever seen bowfishing. I still shot a fish but only a small buff. I had to learn to shoot a bow that I have never seen before and did pretty well with it. Just not what I had in mind for the day but it worked. I hope to see everyone out at the lasalle shoot next month. Good shooting.
A great shoot no matter the conditions. Got to see some guys I met last year and meet alot of new people. Thanks to Ed and the rest of the people that put these shoots on, they are fun. Also a big thanks to the sponsors for their donations to the prize table, everyone came away with something. :)2 Looking forward to LaSalle!
Good times guys, I'm glad my two righty bows came in handy. Bill I hope you enjoy that Oneida, it shoots nice.
hey guys Tony here, duane,daryll, and myself had a great time hanging out and shootin with u guys. Ed u do a great job putting a shoot together. cant wait to see everyone at the next shoot
Hey Tony! Welcome to the forum and the BAI :)2 :)2 :)2 Was great shooting with you guys too. Do me a favor and email me your full names and email addresses. You cant PM here until you get a few posts in I believe. Anyway, Ill get you guys the E-Newsletters out and add your names to the club lists. Also want to put your gar in the midwest Outdoors column and need a name for the caption :)2
My email is [email protected]
JP said:
Good times guys, I'm glad my two righty bows came in handy. Bill I hope you enjoy that Oneida, it shoots nice.
That was great that you remembered to bring it. I shot it pretty well for the first time also. I dropped the check at post office this morning before work so you should have it by thursday. Thanks again.
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