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April 26th-3 Rivers Shoot Out
DesPlaines River, Kankakee River and Illinois River
Wilmington; Illinois
Big 20 Format with optional big and small fish pots
BBQ Before the shoot
Door Prizes
50/50 Raffles

This is the first of two shoots we will be holding at the confluence of the DesPlaines, Kankakee and Illinois Rivers. The shoot will be based out of the 3 rivers marina in wilmington, but bowfishermen can also use any ramps on the Kankakee river or its backwaters in the DesPlaines Conservation area where they are open. This is a very popular and productive bowfishing area with large backwaters and 3 rivers full of good sized carp, gar, buffalo and bighead carp. It is open to boat or bank bowfishermen and the bank bowfisherman can do very well there as the backwaters are full of the biggest buffalo.

I think we are going to have one of our best turn outs ever for this shoot this year guys, with all the new members from the area. It should be a heck of a good time!! Ill be sending this out to the email lists too, so let me know who are going to be there so we can be prepared for the amount of people there. Ill also be posting fliers to this all over the area in the next couple weeks, let me know if you can also pass some out and Ill email you the flier to print out. :)2 :)2
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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