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4-14-02 report

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first river outing of the year. very good day with a mixed bag caught. fished the state park 1100am-300pm. water is still muddy and swift. caught 9 smallies between 9 and 17 inches. caught most on a keeper rig and a black twister with a rattle pegged in it. also caught a couple on a minnow drifted under a float. all the smallies were caught in eddies and current breaks. also caught two pike both around 14 inches at a creek mouth mudline. one on a minnow/float and the other on a flo-orange mepps. finally caught six suckers on crawler pieces at the creek mouth as well. didn't plan on sucker fishing but a guy near me was killing them, glad i went crawler hunting a few days ago. the biggest sucker went 14 inches. great day, heading down to clinton thursday so hopefully the weather will hold.

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