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Got on the boat with ChgoEnforcer and Rootdoc on the big pond. We launched somewhere in IN I forgot the name of the Marina. I think it was called Patricks Marina. Anyways we trolled from 8:30am to 2pm and went 5 for 6 with 4 cohos and 1 brown. We had 4 boards out with dogers and fliers and two down riggers with spoons & cranks. It was a great experience as this was my first time trolling on LM and just loved it. Trolling is like a art form and ChgoEnforcer has pretty much dialed in. I just wanted to thank you for the Trolling 101 session from ChgoEnforcer. I really learned alot. You have a great set up man! Looking forward to future trips Chuck! Here is a few pics that we took.

Our first fish which was 6-7# brown on Chucks custom spoon.

Chuck doing some scouting and what was he scouting?

He scouting at the seagulls that were just stacked on the wall. Tons a bait fish around.

Pic of our setup. Love those planner boards. :D

Here is the cooler of our catch but Jon aka Rootdoc took two cohos before I could get a snap shot of all of them.

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As always had a blast, always feels good to go fishing after sitting in the hospital with chest pains for 2 days :eek: .
hopefully it will be better this week if not we'll go beat up the Perch
at Waukegan :)2

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