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4/3 EPIC! local bass fishing at ....................

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Really though, went out with a fellow CLFer to some local haunts. Said individual schooled me BIG TIME. He would have had a 5 fish bag over 20 pounds, no joke. Learned some things today:
1. I 5UCK!
2. Big bass will eat fast moving baits in sub 50 degree water temps.
3. Big bass will also eat slow moving baits in cold water.
4. They will not however eat ejsusmc's baits in cold water.

I wear my badge of shame on my thumb. The skin is all torn up from lipping my partner's fish all day.

I might add pics to reports section, maybe......
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AHHH I feel your pain, but atleast you learned a thing or 2. Out at Lasalle , Chuck used to fish with me pretty often, talk about being schooled !!! No shame in it all though, it's always good to learn from others , but that man made me plain dumb at times :eek: Do miss them days,,,,, he was a great teacher, and I use some things I learned from him and it has helped me land a few fish over the years :)2 :)2 Good fishin..........
I grew up in a family of anglers. Only my younger brother and I still fish. We are teaching the nephews but that's mostly a self-inflicted root canal until they get a little older. But somewhere in the last 15 years my brother became a MUCH better angler than I. I used to fish 4 or 5 days a week and now I'm down to once a month maybe. But every time I fish with him..he always outfishes me. More fish and bigger fish every time. But the main thing is I always learn something new while watching him fish. I don't think he even notices. At some point we all fish with the much better angler and the secret to getting better is to be willing to learn instead of feeling like the world's worst angler.

Of course that one day I outfish him I'm gonna rub it in big time !!
bad_angler said:
We are teaching the nephews but that's mostly a self-inflicted root canal until they get a little older.
I am humbled :oops:

You don't suck. I just got lucky.

How did Powerlining go today?

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