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Well, i had a bet for the above mentioned to catch one keeper bass from IG today..... Not bad for catching one bass! Went fishin in the rain/snow and didn't think it would be too good. The first bass i had on got off, it was over 4lbs easy. Second one was a nice fish got hung on a branch and got off....F*%& this suck! Finally got one to stay on!

Kept fishin and managed another one after a little bit

Finally my line wore out and flung off on a cast, so while i'm retreiving it by hand, another nice bass comes flyin outta the water after it, but got off half way. Never had that happen! All in all a nice little outing. Woulda been out on the chain, but can't fish the it until friday, i'm in the federation tourney goin on out there. Should be quit the cluster out there as theres a big bucks bass tourney on sunday as well! Not too many people out at the IG, but theres fish to be caught!

P.S. Thanks Ron for the sweet deal!
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