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has anyone been fishing in or around the addison area? any info appreciated...
lakes i normally fish are:
Cricket Creek F.P.
Wood Dale Grove..

need to get out sometime soon to relax cuz school is really annoying me and want to catch somethin. usually i fish for bass and crappies.. thanx in advance...


Hey Bassman,
We've spoken before of Addison fishing (I'm the one who grew up across the street from Cricket).
If you want the goods on some hotties..drop me a line and I'll give them to you.Can't share them with all because of the smaller size of these ponds(sorry..people).The one time I did that with a 1 acre pond,a fellow CLFer came up to me while i was fishing and said "Are you Hook?"
"What the hell are you doing putting up a post about this place for?!That was not smart!",I guard the smaller places well(BTW..sorry about that one J.)
I have a few for you that are in a 7 mile area from Cricket.
Looking forward to trading spots with you.Just keep 'em clean and C&R.
The Hook
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