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Addison Area

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has anyone been fishing in or around the addison area? any info appreciated...
lakes i normally fish are:
Cricket Creek F.P.
Wood Dale Grove..

need to get out sometime soon to relax cuz school is really annoying me and want to catch somethin. usually i fish for bass and crappies.. thanx in advance...

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Hey Bassman,
We've spoken before of Addison fishing (I'm the one who grew up across the street from Cricket).
If you want the goods on some hotties..drop me a line and I'll give them to you.Can't share them with all because of the smaller size of these ponds(sorry..people).The one time I did that with a 1 acre pond,a fellow CLFer came up to me while i was fishing and said "Are you Hook?"
"What the hell are you doing putting up a post about this place for?!That was not smart!",I guard the smaller places well(BTW..sorry about that one J.)
I have a few for you that are in a 7 mile area from Cricket.
Looking forward to trading spots with you.Just keep 'em clean and C&R.
The Hook
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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