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All You Want in 200'

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I trolled from 100 to 200' feet on Friday and caught 1 eight pound Steelhead. As soon was we hit 200 feet we picked up 9 2-3 Cohos.

I fish out of Michigan City, Indiana but I was almost directly East of the Chicago skyline where we found the fish.

Many charters and all were doing well. Orange body baits.

Jeff in Wheaton
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How far out of Michigan City do you have to travel to reach the 200' mark? While you're at it, how far to the 100' mark?
I did not have my gps on for the trip out but I would say 6-8 miles for 100' and 16-20 for 200'.

BTW I made this post earlier and it did not show up so I am duplicating.

Also, if you fish out of MC or desire to I am always looking for people to accompany me especially if they can make it on short notice (as weather permits).

Jeff in Wheaton
Is 6-8 miles out Indiana or Michigan?
If you head straight north from MC I believe it is Indiana. I do carry both fishing licenses and soon will get an Illinois one.

I hope to try and get out one day this week to reconfirm the action.

Jeff in Wheaton
Dug out my chart and dividers and Michigan stateline is about 2.5 miles north of Michigan City, with depths of about 50'. 100' depths about 8.5 miles and 200' at about 17.5 miles out. And that's not figuring in low water levels. Chart says North American Datum of 1983, so distances and depths could be off. This is the Lake Michigan chart sold at most bait shops. Either way, too far for my little boat.

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