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An Era ends... No more Johnson Outboards for 2008

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Well, 2008 finds that there are no more "new" Johnson outboards rolling out of BRP. For the last few years Suzuki built the Johnson outboards for BRP. As of 2008 there are no more... In fact, Evinrude's smallest engine is a 40hp E-Tec. The 9.9/10hp market that Johnson/Evinrude "owned" for decades is now the territory of "others".

My first outboard was a 1956 Johnson 10hp given to me by my Dad in 1957... I was 10yrs old. It was on the back of a 16' Larsen V-bow....
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I believe they stopped selling anything over a 40hp in '05 when their Suzuki contract expired. I guess I now own a collectors item. :lol:
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