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Many times I'm asked what this means.
In preparing for our 10th anniversary I've been going through old files and such.
I came across the following that we used to have as part of our Mission Satement.
It wasn't written by us and so it is left out now but perhaps we should put it back up.

The Code of Angling Ethics as adopted by the National Marine Fisheries Service.
The American Sportfishing Association, the Coastal Conservation Association,
the Recreational Fishing Alliance and Trout Unlimited all contributed to the development of this code.

Promotes, through education and practice, ethical behavior in the use of aquatic resources.
Values and respects the aquatic environment and all living things in it.
Avoids spilling and never dumps any pollutants, such as gasoline and oil, into the aquatic environment.
Disposes of all trash, including worn lines, leaders, and hooks, in appropriate containers, and helps to keep fishing sites litter-free.
Takes all precautionary measures necessary to prevent the spread of exotic plants and animals, including live baitfish, into non-native habitats.
Learns and obeys angling and boating regulations, and treats other anglers, boaters and property owners with courtesy and respect.
Respects property rights, and never trespasses on private lands or waters.
Practices conservation by carefully handling and releasing alive all fish that are unwanted or prohibited by regulation, as well as other animals that may become hooked or entangled accidentally.
Uses tackle and techniques that minimize harm to fish when engaging in "catch and release" angling.

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Ed all good except can we add a little addendum.
Respects property rights, and never trespasses on private lands or waters unless the walleye are really snapping.
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