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any fly shops south south west chicagoland?

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any fly shops chicagoland area. south south west burbs? just getting back into fly fishing.sure is nothing in morris thats for sure. well not much else ether.LOL
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Try the Fishing Connection in Orland Hills 159th St. (79th ave? west) nice selection, they may even still have some flys tied by the late Al Peers (Flys by Peers) who passed away last week.
Although I agree with most everything said about Riverside sports in Geneva there's a guy in the flyfishing part thats worth talking to.I call him Harley but I think he also answers to Dave. Good Luck,TKING
Fly and Field in downtown Glen Ellyn isn't bad
As far as I'm concerend,Fly and Field is number one.TKING
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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