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anyone fly fish for carp ?

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Yes I am serious, It is a blast. I have just started a few years ago but they say it is very close to bone fish in the florida keys. I am just wondering what flies work for you if you have tried it?? Thanks Jared
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I have tried it but yet to hook up.
I will try this spring and hope it be more productive. I use a 5 wt for the fun of it.
If that's to light next try is a 8wt.
For the flys I don't know.
Take A Kid Fishing
Check it out. Hope it will work.
about carp flies and techniques
I will also add small yellow eg pattern to the carp fly box.
I have caught carp on a black woolly bugger. Loads of fun.
The only carp I have caught have been caught on clousers. I think carp are river chickens. While they put up a fight, they are disgusting! I have a few flies tied like a piece of corn. If you throw a few pieces in the water and then land your fly there you will hook up. Use a light weight rod so you get more action. I've landed them on weights 4-6 and the four is the most fun. Good luck!
I like flyfishing for riverchickens.

Riverchickens ROCK e-mail me scud let compare notes I have not been out yet this year to busy with musky and steelhead. I love fishing for carp on fly equipment. It is a blast.

Jared-- [email protected]
Hey...this isn't the same "Clouser King" who caused such a ruckus on these boards a while ago, is it? That guy was a genuine tool. I'm SURE this guy is no relation...

Anyway, I have to agree--river chickens kick ass. Especially "Tiger Carp"--the "Freshwater Tarpon." Those things are the best. I've had them so big I had to beach them on shore so I could get the hook out. Sometimes it takes more than one hook to slow a big Tiger down.

A good day on the river for me is when
I hit the "Trash Trifecta" on a flyrod--a carp, drum and catfish. Oh, I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can score big...

Luck to all (except Clouser King--I DO remember you...)
Carp rule!last year I caught what I call the warmwater grand slam.A common carp,quill back,some kind of sucker(12"),and a grass carp.P.S.the carp havent started to spawn on the west branch of the dupage yet but I'll keep you updated.Fat fish,skinny water can it get any better.
A couple times a year I go to the big muddy river in southern Illinois. The flyfishing grand slam on the Big Muddy River (for me and my sons) is Gar, Drum, and Carp. I've managed it only once.
Loads of fun.

Hello everyone.Try tying bread piece flies.Go to a hobby store and pick up foam bricks.I use a razor blade and cut them into half to one inch squares.Next take some scoth guard to make them waterproof.Take a brown permanant marker and color one side.Next take a light wire hook and feek it through the middle of foam and glue both sides.Use the same concept as the corn.Take a handful of store bought bread cut into little pieces and throw out as far as you can.Dont get it to close as you will scare the fish.Wait till the frenzy gets going and toss your fly into the middle of it.Carefull not to spook fish.Whats nice is you can see them take it and be ready to set the hook.I use a 4-5 weight and have landed 10-20 pounders on it......Hold on and get ready to see your backing on the first run
Use 1-3 "exude" corn niblets to tie plastic corn fly. Try to imitate hair rig:
secure corn niblets on the mono and tie it to the hook so "corn" is placed just behind hook bend. This will get you better hook set.
(this applies also to bread flies)
This plastic corn floats.
Experiment to make your fly sinking very slow
as the real corn does or use 3 pieces and dry fly hook to make floating fly.
Plastic corn fly looks very natural.
ive heard that mulbery type flies are good. this idea is not a fly but why dont you put a piece of corn on a hook and cast it. it will be the same fight.

I think carp are river chickens. they figh good but taste disgusting
whats wrong with chicken. chicken is delicious.
On 2002-04-27 14:39, Mike48 wrote:
ive heard that mulbery type flies are good. this idea is not a fly but why dont you put a piece of corn on a hook and cast it. it will be the same fight.
I never try to use anything natural with fly rod.
Two thoughts:
1. Fly casting is specific. To start it you have to make few false casts before you will have enough line in the air to reach the spot 15-20 yards away. In the beginning when line is short all energy is transferred from line to the fly(hook).
I am guessing but I am almost 100% sure that if you will put corn directly on the hook it will fall off.
But maybe your idea can work if you will use hair rig.
2. Big part of fun in fly fishing is to full the fish with artificial bait in particular if you made it yourself.

It is not only about fight. You can fish for carp with light spinning rod and 6Lb line
and you will have the same fun like with fly rod. I've landed once 8Lb carp on ultralight
spinning rod and 4Lb line and that was one of the most crazy rides I've ever had.

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